Infinity Presents Bostyxx – Tribute to Styx & Recaptured – Tribute to Journey with special guest Oh Yes!

A stylistically unique band covering songs from two of rocks most iconic acts: Boston and Styx. Boston and Styx are both Iconic Rock Bands with soaring vocals, and harmony guitar parts, that set them apart from all the rest. The members of Bostyxx have been singing, performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire musical careers. Making sure that all vocal and musical parts are played to perfection. This is done with band members that all sing! 3 guitar players, and keyboard players, to assure nothing is missed from the original recording that was done. Bringing you back to the Glory Days of both bands. Throughout the course of the band’s union, they have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, festivals and clubs. Time To Rock the Paradise and get More Than A Feeling of great times past and present.

RECAPTURED features Bob Biagi, and features all of the lights, sounds, and Journey-esque atmosphere, with what you would expect from a show called RECAPTURED This is not a cover band, but a group of talented musicians and vocalists who have perfected every nuance of what made Journey the Super Group they are. RECAPTURED performs all the hits that made Journey famous one fabulous hit after another. It is time to be RECAPTURED.  Journey is one of the most popular American rock bands of all time, creating some of the best-known songs in modern music. Their songs have become arena rock staples and are still played on rock radio stations across the world. When you put this history of great music together, with a great band that has the talent, passion, dedication to perfection, the sound, and following “RECAPTURED” has, the night will turn into magic. And the songs, sounds, and memories it will bring back will be “RECAPTURED”!!

Oh Yes! is known for mixing things up from Bon Jovi to Benatar, Miley to Metallica, Swift to Stapleton and more!!! JOIN US for this incredible night, filled with such variety of LIVE MUSIC!!!!


Apr 05 2024


8:00 PM

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Des Plaines Theatre
Des Plaines Theatre
Des Plaines, IL