Starship! featuring Mickey Thomas // Max Weinberg’s Jukebox

Mickey Thomas is the owner of the soaring voice that propelled STARSHIP through the decade of the 80’s. With his soulful and compelling vocals, Mickey has established himself as one of Rock Music’s most recognizable stars.  Expect to hear hits from STARSHIP and Jefferson Starship at STARSHIP’s live performances, as well as a few selections from Jefferson Airplane as a nod to both band’s beginnings. Hear Starship hits “Jane,” “No Way Out,” “Find Your Way Back,” “We Built This City”, “Sara,” “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” “It’s Not Over Til It’s Over,” and so many more hits will be on this set list!

A truly interactive experience, Weinberg invites the audience to create the set list, in real time, that he and his crack four-piece group will play that night. Performing songs from the glory days of rock and roll your guests get to choose from a video menu of over 200 songs — everything from the Beatles to the Stones to Bruce and The E Street Band’s biggest hits — and hear the group play‘em the way they want to hear them played!  That’s right—the crowd gets to yell out their choices and Max plays them! This unique approach is fun and satisfying. How many times have you attended a show where you yearned to hear your favorite performer play your favorite song?  With Max Weinberg’s Jukebox your dream will be realized.


Dec 03 2022


7:00 PM



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Des Plaines Theatre
Des Plaines Theatre
Des Plaines, IL