Thank You Des Plaines… And Now It Begins!

Thank You Des Plaines… And Now It Begins!

Several years ago, I believe it was around 2014, the idea was hatched to maybe do something with the Des Plaines Theatre.

She’s an amazing old theatre that opened in 1926 in the midst of prohibition so she has the same kind of history as the Arcada Theatre has and it just seemed like, if there ever was an opportunity, I might give it a shot.

Well, here we are… May 23rd, 2019 and I’m honored that, earlier this week, the Des Plaines City Council approved a plan for Onesti Entertainment to manage the business operations for the Des Plaines Theatre.

Here’s a snapshot of where we’re starting…

And here’s where we are today… Signing the papers to get moving forward!

What an amazing journey this is going to be and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride with me!

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